‘The Best Business Investment I’ve made!’ – Gabrielle Baker describes her Studiobricks VO Booth

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‘The Best Business Investment I’ve made!’ – Gabrielle Baker describes her Studiobricks VO Booth

Successful British Voice Actor Gabrielle Baker invested in a VO edition Studiobricks booth a couple of years ago and describes it as ‘the best business investment I’ve made!’  Gabrielle described the booth as ‘a fantastic product’, which has had a real impact on the amount of work she can produce: ‘The quality of the audio I record has meant that my productivity has increased ten fold and I have full confidence that live sessions with clients will give them the professional quality they require’.

A highly respected and experienced British Voice Actor with her own studio at her home in Kent, UK, Gabrielle works in all genres of voice over and narration with clients around the world.  Gabrielle was a finalist for a Voice Arts Award in 2016 in Los Angeles and has gone on to be a best-selling audiobook narrator.

Gabrielle recently moved house, and was able to take the Studiobricks booth with her to her new home.  Gabrielle reports: ‘The booth is so well designed and easy to build that during my recent studio move my husband and I were able to deconstruct and reconstruct the booth seamlessly and without any damage.  This means that investing in a VO Edition booth is an investment for life, once purchased it’s yours forever’.

Gabrielle adds: ‘The customer service from Black Cat Music was fantastic.  By chance they were close to me so I was able to visit their premises and see, touch and test a vocal booth.  The order was managed by Black Cat Music from start to finish and at all times communication was great.  I was kept fully up to date with the delivery and also a follow-up to make sure I was happy with my new vocal booth.

Gabrielle concludes: ‘I cannot recommend both the VO Edition Studiobricks booth and Black Cat Music enough.  A great product and fantastic customer service.  What more could I ask for?’

About Black Cat Acoustics – UK supplier of Studiobricks

Black Cat Acoustics is proud to be UK supplier of Studiobricks.  The Studiobricks modular, relocatable sound-isolation booths can be configured to any size you need – making them the ideal solution for creating larger sound-isolated spaces such as professional recording studios, media production booths, school music practice rooms, voiceover and podcasting booths, confidential meeting rooms, language laboratories and medical testing.

Superb sound isolation is achieved from the high performance acoustic materials in the patented panels which simply slot together. The modular, interlocking panel design makes virtually any size of room possible and, if required, the booth can be just as easily relocated.

Fast installation

Black Cat Acoustics supplies and installs the Studiobricks booths to customes across the UK and Ireland.  Thanks to the patented interlocking panel design, installation of the booths is fast and easy, meaning minimal disruption to your school/college, office or recording studio.

Further information and contacts:

Black Cat Acoustics – UK supplier of Studiobricks
Tel: 01892 619719
Web: www.acousticabins.com

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