Our Services

Acoustic Advice

Black Cat Acoustics can help you with acoustic assessment and treatments. Your space may be too “live” or the exact opposite; you may desire sound isolation for the music room, or perhaps you need help with the design and construction of music practice rooms or recording studios.

We work to help you to create your ideal environment, for both new projects and within the fabric of existing constructions to provide functional and aesthetically sympathetic designs.

What is BB93?

Building Bulletin 93 (BB93) explains minimum performance standards for the acoustics of UK school buildings. Its stated objective is to “ensure that the design and construction of school buildings provide acoustic conditions that enable effective teaching and learning.” Black Cat Acoustics can provide an acoustic reporting service on both new and exisiting spaces alongside suggested solutions, where required.

Further information can be found here.

Design, Supply & Installation of Solutions

Black Cat Acoustics can help with the design, supply and installation of high performance acoustic equipment as a total package or find economic solutions to individual problem areas within new or existing buildings.

We can work in conjunction with architects or acoustic consultants or directly with customers such as schools, colleges or community/sports centres to design functional and aesthetically-pleasing acoustic solutions.

We are happy to arrange a site visit to discuss your acoustic requirements.

Acoustic Products

Acoustic Treatments

  • Ceiling Absorbers
  • Wall Absorbers
  • Impact-Resistant Absorbers
  • StudioBricks
  • Dry Wall Constructions
  • Secondary Wall Structures

Acoustic Sound-Isolating Rooms

  • Sound isolating Music Practice Rooms, Recording Studios and Vocal Booths
  • Wenger SoundLok Sound Isolation Rooms

Acoustic Shells by Wenger

  • Wenger Diva™ Full-stage Acoustic Shell
  • Wenger Forte™ Full-stage Acoustic Shell
  • Wenger Legacy™ Portable Acoustic Shells
  • Wenger Travelmaster™ Portable Acoustic Shells