Audiobook narrator Sarah Barron is delighted with her Studiobricks booth

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Audiobook narrator Sarah Barron is delighted with her Studiobricks booth from Black Cat

Audiobook narrator Sarah Barron needed a professional quality sound-isolation booth to support her busy working schedule, so she chose the Studiobricks VO booth, and has been very pleased with the results.  “I am absolutely delighted with the booth.” says Sarah.

“As an audiobook narrator, I need a great acoustic and a comfortable environment to work in – Studiobricks provides both of those things.”

The sound-isolation performance of the booth was a crucial factor for Sarah, and the booth has not let her down: “There is literally no sound bleed coming from the building site behind my house!”

Sarah has been as impressed by the customer service as by the quality of the Studiobricks booth: “I would absolutely recommend this product and the service provided by Black Cat was first class.”

About the Studiobricks VO Edition

The STUDIOBRICKS sound-isolation cabin is designed to be incredibly fast and easy to install, without compromising the booth’s excellent sound-isolating properties.

Superb sound isolation is achieved from the high performance acoustic materials in the patented panels which simply slot together.  The modular, interlocking panel design makes virtually any size of room possible.

The Studiobricks VO Edition combines the benefits of the Studiobricks booth with professional VO equipment – making it ideal for voiceover artists and podcasters who need to record studio-standard material at home.

Further information and contacts:

Studiobricks UK
Tel: 01892 619719

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