Acoustic Shells and Stage Acoustics

In many theatres and concert halls, the stage area is separated from the audience area by a proscenium opening. This is ideal for drama, but poses some acoustic challenges for music performance.

The fly loft space, where curtains, lighting and scenery are hung, absorbs too much sound, compromising acoustics. Black Cat Music supplies and installs Wenger acoustic shells to overcome this problem, projecting sound out to the audience.

As well as enabling musicians to hear themselves and each other, the shells improve reverberation, increase strength of sound and enhance the warmth of the sound. Wenger acoustic shells can be custom-designed to create an aesthetically-pleasing backdrop. They are easily moved on and off stage, and store compactly off-stage.

Wenger is unchallenged as the largest manufacturer of fully-guaranteed staging and music performance equipment in the world. Wenger acoustic shells are used worldwide as elegant, durable and acoustically effective acoustic solutions for theatres and concert halls.

Black Cat Acoustics is Master Distributor for Wenger in Europe and Russia, and offers the full range of Wenger shells.

  • The Wenger Diva TM acoustic shell is ideal for large and medium theatres, particularly those requiring high-end aesthetic coordination. The Diva shell offers a visually stunning backdrop that is audibly magnificent. Its compact mobile architecture is easy to store when not in use.
  • The Wenger Forte TM acoustic shell provides a cost-effective alternative to the Diva TM. It consists of side towers, rear towers and a ceiling structure to create an effective enclosure that reflects and diffuses sound.
  • The Wenger Legacy TM acoustic shell is ideal for use in medium theatres, community halls and school halls. There are various options available for the Legacy – from the Basic model, to the Select, which is comparable to the Forte TM in versatility of use and choice of finishes.

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For further information about theatre acoustics, download the “Wenger Performance Spaces Planning Guide”.

If you are creating facilities for performance and rehearsal, then Black Cat Acoustics can deliver engineered solutions for theatres and concert halls. In particular, our sound-isolating Music Practice Rooms offer a good acoustical environment and contain the sound to avoid disturbing nearby rooms and spaces. They can be used as rehearsal rooms or sound-recording studios.

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