Solutions to Commonly Experienced Acoustic Noise Problems

In today’s built environment noise problems can range from being a mild nuisance to a serious intrusion in another space. Acoustic problems in schools may cause difficulties with teaching, as students can’t always hear what is being said and this affects concentration (and therefore academic performance). Or poor auditorium acoustics may spoil the enjoyment of a concert. Whatever the source of noise or problem being experienced, the first step is to identify what the problem is and how we can resolve it.

Is This Your Noise Problem?

Our Room/Classroom/Hall Echoes

Acoustic echoes are typically due to reflective surfaces such as hard walls and ceilings. This is especially prevalent in old buildings, where acoustics were not given much consideration at the time when they were built.

The solution is to install ‘absorptive’ products and systems to provide a balanced environment. We sometimes use Ceiling Absorbers or Wall Absorbers to solve this kind if acoustic problem.

We Are Experiencing Noise Problems From The Next Room/Classroom/Corridor

Where the problems are due to noise transfer from one area to another – room to room or floor to floor – then ‘sound insulation’ is likely to be the issue.

This can be solved by installing high mass barrier structures. This problem could also be as a consequence of impact noise migrating from one area to another via floors, walls or services known as structure-borne noise transfer. Isolation measures at source, such as our sound-isolating, modular rooms, would be a starting point for providing an effective solution.

The Noise Seems To Be Coming From The Pipe Work In The Room

If the problem noise appears to come from locations such as ducting, pipe work, conduit or similar building services structures and these items are ‘live’ or vibrate when touched, then it is most likely a ‘structure-borne’ noise issue.

The solution can be dealt with at source, or the ‘problem services’ acoustically enclosed within the room area in question. We sometimes use secondary wall structures to solve this noise problem.

It Is Difficult To Understand Conversations When There Are Multiple Groups Of People In The Room

Where there are different conversations going on, or in a classroom where students have difficulty understanding the teacher, concentration can decline and people become more stressed. In these situations ‘absorptive’ products should provide the solution.

We sometimes use Ceiling Absorbers or Wall Absorbers to solve this kind if acoustic problem.

We Can Overhear Conversations At The Other End Of Large Room Areas

When several activities are taking place in one large room (such as a community hall or school hall), or in a large restaurant where several groups are trying to hold a conversation, poor acoustics can make communication difficult.

The use of ‘absorptive’ products should provide a solution to improving privacy of conversations.

We sometimes use Ceiling Absorbers or Wall Absorbers to solve this kind if acoustic problem.

We Want To Contain Noise From Our Music Room To Prevent Disturbing People In Nearby Rooms

If a noise source needs to be acoustically ‘contained,’ or noise stopped from entering or exiting an area via windows or doors, then ‘sound insulation’ will be the issue and high mass structures the solution. Self-contained music practice rooms are an excellent solution.

I Have A Different Type Of Noise Problem…

If your noise problem is not covered in any of the above examples then please fill out the form at the bottom of the page to ask about your acoustic problem.

Black Cat Acoustics can help you with acoustic assessment and treatments. Your space may be too “live” or the exact opposite; you may desire sound isolation for the music room, or perhaps you need help with the design and construction of music practice rooms or recording studios. We work with a commercial partner who can help you to create your ideal environment, both for new projects and within the fabric of existing constructions to provide functional and aesthetically sympathetic designs.

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