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Black Cat Acoustics is a professional noise control company with an experienced and friendly team. We supply and install high performance acoustic equipment to solve your acoustic problems. Our qualified teams will work directly with you or your architects, contractors and structural engineers to create your ideal environment, both for new projects and within existing buildings to provide functional and aesthetically sympathetic designs.

We are happy to arrange a free, non-obligatory site visit to discuss your requirements.

Solving Noise Problems in Rehearsal Rooms, Schools, Auditoria, Community Centres & Multi-purpose Buildings

DescriptionThere are many spaces in a school which suffer from poor acoustics - yet research has shown that creating a good listening environment has a positive influence on classroom tasks and that teachers can experience voice and throat problems when teaching in a noisy environment. School music departments, sports facilities, swimming pools, school halls, atria and classrooms all have different acoustic criteria. Black Cat Acoustics can design appropriate acoustic treatments to solve noise problems in each type of space.

As well as serving the education market, Black Cat Acoustics has a diverse client list including town halls, community centres, offices, sports centres, youth clubs and special needs schools. Police and military buildings have also benefited from our acoustic products and services.

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School Acoustics

School AcousticsSolutions we have installed for noise problems in schools include absorptive wall and ceiling panels, impact-resistant absorbers, acoustic curtains, secondary wall structures and sound-isolating rooms.

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STUDIOBRICKS Vocal Isolation Booth

STUDIOBRICKSThe STUDIOBRICKS vocal isolation booth is designed to be incredibly fast and easy to install, without compromising the booth’s excellent sound-isolating properties.

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Acoustic Shells & Stage Acoustics

Stage Acoustics & Acoustic ShellsIn many theatres, the stage area is separated from the audience area by a proscenium opening. This is ideal for drama, but poses some acoustic challenges for music performance. The fly loft space and wings, where curtains, lighting and scenery are hung, absorb too much sound, compromising acoustics. Wenger acoustic shells can be employed to overcome this problem, projecting sound out to the audience and enabling musicians to hear themselves and each other. Black Cat Music is Master Distributor for Wenger and supplies Wenger shells across Europe and Russia.

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