Southern Regional College love their Studiobricks Media Production Booth, supplied and installed by Black Cat Music & Acoustics

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‘An amazing piece of kit’ – Southern Regional College love their Studiobricks Media Production Booth, supplied and installed by Black Cat Music & Acoustics

Southern Regional College installed a Studiobricks media production booth in their new Armagh campus, and have been delighted with the results.

Chris Hobson, Curriculum Area Manager in the Faculty of Computing Design and Academic Studies, explained the background to the project: “Southern Regional College purchased a Studiobricks booth to enhance the student experience at our new £30million campus.  Situated in the PBL (Project Based Learning) area, the booth will be utilised by students from all sorts of courses from music technology to performing arts, media, art, and as a tool for Vlogs for other areas”.

Commenting on the difference that the Studiobricks booth will make to student experience in the faculty, Chris remarked: “The Studiobricks One Plus booth will allow students to use the booth as and when required without having to book a space, therefore increasing and maximising facilities”.

Chris and his team were impressed, both by the quality of the booth, and by how quickly and efficiently it was installed.  Remarking on the clever design and functionality of the booth, Chris added: “It is truly an amazing piece of kit that students in modern day F.E. and H.E. surroundings need”.

Southern Regional College’s new campus building in Armagh has been designed to facilitate world class professional and technical education and training.  A key feature is the provision of 1000m2 innovation hubs through which students will engage with business and industry in real world industrial projects and challenges.  It will also include learning facilities required for learning at degree and postgraduate levels.  This includes the provision of a new state of the art Learning Resource Centre, integrated student social areas and Learning Support services.

Black Cat Music and Studiobricks are delighted to be a part of these fantastic new learning facilities at Southern Regional College.

About Black Cat Acoustics – UK supplier of Studiobricks

Black Cat Acoustics is proud to be UK supplier of Studiobricks.  The Studiobricks modular, relocatable sound-isolation booths can be configured to any size you need – making them the ideal solution for creating larger sound-isolated spaces such as professional recording studios, media production booths, school music practice rooms, voiceover and podcasting booths, confidential meeting rooms, language laboratories and medical testing.

Superb sound isolation is achieved from the high performance acoustic materials in the patented panels which simply slot together. The modular, interlocking panel design makes virtually any size of room possible and, if required, the booth can be just as easily relocated.

Fast installation

Black Cat Acoustics supplies and installs the Studiobricks booths to customes across the UK and Ireland.  Thanks to the patented interlocking panel design, installation of the booths is fast and easy, meaning minimal disruption to your school/college, office or recording studio.

Further information and contacts:

Black Cat Acoustics – UK supplier of Studiobricks
Tel: 01892 619719

Southern Regional College

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