Trent College install music practice room for percussion

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Black Cat Music has recently installed a music practice room at Trent College for use as a dedicated percussion room in their existing music school. This new facility now allows the percussion teacher to hold lessons without disturbing other music lessons taking place in the rest of the music building.

Director of Music, Steven Henderson said, “Music at Trent College is growing and changing quickly. Arriving as Director of Music this year, I have brought a new approach to Ensembles and to the organisation of the Music School. Our percussion department have ambition but were held back by how much their ensemble rehearsals affected everyone else. Our new dedicated percussion room from Black Cat Music was assembled quickly and fitted within our existing building, so the percussionists were soon able to start more demanding work in a space all of their own. The previous problems of rehearsal space and sound disruption were improved straight away.”

Trent College is delighted with the sound isolating qualities of the new room, a view shared by many others who have invested in music practice rooms. At 6m x 4.8m the new structure is the largest single sound isolation room Black Cat Music has installed so far in what has become a rapidly expanding estate that already spans the length and breadth of the country. In the North West, Lancaster and Morecambe College discovered that by installing three music practice rooms, the college was able to make much more effective use of the space available to the music department. Head of Music Pete French explained, “The music practice rooms are being used every day. We are very happy having them.” Meanwhile, on the South coast, Youth Development Worker James Brill was delighted with the two music practice rooms that were installed at Hollington Youth Centre, Hastings, East Sussex. “We offer young people the chance to engage in music. My main concern was noise pollution and complaints from the neighbours and community.” James added, “Now we have absolutely no problems with the sound. The sound-proofing is absolutely second to none – fantastic.”

Black Cat Music’s sound-isolating music practice rooms offer a solution that controls noise at source, providing an ideal rehearsal space for musicians and singers. The modular design allows for a wide range of sizes to accommodate musicians from a solo singer to a choir or a band. The rooms can be relocated, if and when major changes in use and allocation of space are planned. For comfort and to create a pleasant environment, the rooms are supplied fitted with integral lighting and fan-assisted ventilation. Thanks to balanced internal acoustics they also make excellent recording studios with high sound quality. Teachers and students can now practise within controlled conditions whilst minimising the impact upon those going about their day-to-day activities.

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