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International music publisher Schott Music has had a presence in London since 1835 and has been at their iconic Great Marlborough Street address since 1908. Uniquely for a company best known for sheet music, it offers spaces for hire for practice or teaching, a fabulous resource for central London.

Recently Schott added two new spaces in the form of Black Cat Acoustics’ Studiobricks Pro sound isolation booths each with a piano and suitable for up to two musicians or a musician and teacher. Black Cat had to customise the standard booths to fit into the spaces with a lower-than-normal ceiling height but the result (as the photos show) look amazing.

Following the installation by Black Cat’s own acoustics team, the staff at their Kent office had another surprise, Schott have a tradition of naming their practice areas after famous composers that were published by them, so, what were Schott going to call these new spaces?

Schott elected to name the two rooms after Australian born Percy Grainger and Liverpudlian Steve Martland, two distinct and interesting choices.

Andrew Dunbar-Nasmith of Schott said about the new spaces “We are so pleased with the design and performance of the Studiobricks booths and these two areas are an important addition to our spaces”.

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