Black Cat Acoustic specialist trains with Wenger engineering team

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Earlier this year we announced the introduction of the fully redesigned Diva full-stage acoustical shell, from Wenger Corporation. Martin Loft a member of Black Cat acoustics technical team recently returned from in-depth product training with the engineering team behind the acoustic shell development.

Martin’s busy two day intensive training with the Applications Engineering Department included time spent with Ron Freiheit, Wenger’s Director of Engineering and Denny Meyer, Wenger’s Product Manager for acoustic panels. Then accompanied by Mark Ingalls, Wenger DIVAProduct Manager, Martin took a short trip to a Wenger “hometown” installation at Owatonna High School, featuring a beautiful shell of cherry veneer, 4 towers and a flown back wall set including rigging by parent company JR Clancy. Easier to handle, larger and with greater aesthetic flexibility for architects and designers, the New Diva incorporates numerous functional and aesthetic improvements built on the heritage and operational experience gained from hundreds of custom acoustical shells installed around the world.

Martin, recently earned a diploma over an 18 month-long course from the Institute of Acousticians (IOA), an international body known for setting global acoustic standards. Martin’s diploma was capped by a 2-day final written exam, which encompasses general principals of acoustics, plus two electives. Martin chose to study Building Acoustics and Noise & Vibration Control. Martin says when it comes to music, he plays “a little bit of everything”, including guitar and keyboard. Martin has been with the Black Cat team for 20 months and returns from America better equipped to address customer needs and with a greater understanding of Wenger’s manufacturing capabilities. Martin also received training on StageTek™ and Fixed Audience Seating during his visit.

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