Affordable Active Acoustics system previewed at ABTT

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Transcend is the name given to a new Active Acoustics system which offers an affordable means of enhancing the acoustic envirionment of virtually any performance space at the flick of a switch.

Now, thanks to Transcend, venues can offer acoustic environments that  suit a wide range of performance applications, simulating the experience of listening in  opera houses, theatres, arenas, performing arts centres or churches, without having to  design for a single specific type of performance. Now, many types of facility can become multi-functional spaces delivering the best possible sound quality for any seat in the house. Transcend’s active acoustics algorithm results in a system that requires fewer microphones and speakers providing a more reliable and stable system. An that permits lower-cost installations than can be achieved by other systems on the market.

The product is the outcome of combining the acoustic and engineering expertise ofWenger and JR Clancy to deliver an advanced dynamic system built around active acoustic technology processing using high-speed digital audio communications. Transcend enhances the natural reflections of a space to provide optimal acoustics for any performance or event. From choral and symphonic to drama and lecture it creates the ‘optimal’ space. Transcend can be managed, controlled and monitored using audio architectural software.

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