STUDIOBRICKS – Vocal Isolation Booth

The STUDIOBRICKS vocal isolation booth is designed to be incredibly fast and easy to install without compromising on excellent sound-isolating properties.

You do not require professional skill to build the sound-proof booth and it can be assembled in just a couple of hours with everyday tools including a screwdriver, spirit level and stepladder.

Enviable sound isolation is achieved from the high-performance acoustic materials in the patented panels which slot together quickly and easily. The modular interlocking panel design makes virtually any size of room possible for installation.

All the acoustic panels are sealed to minimise noise escape and the balanced interior acoustics provide high quality sound. It comes with a door window for light and security and the fan provides a pleasant environment.

The STUDIOBRICKS vocal isolation booth is perfect for home studios, school music practice rooms, recording studios, voiceover rooms and sound booths. It is also ideal for confidential meeting rooms, language laboratories, examination rooms and medical testing.

Prices start from: £5,893 + delivery and VAT


The STUDIOBRICKS vocal isolation booth offers the following benefits:

  • The booth can be built in a couple of hours, and relocated just as fast!
  • No skill required
  • No professional help necessary
  • Only everyday tools required: screwdriver, spirit level and stepladder
  • All panels are acoustically sealed – minimising noise escape
  • CE compliant
  • Balanced interior acoustics ensure high sound quality
  • Door window for light and security
  • Fan-assisted ventilation for pleasant environment
  • Modular panel design makes virtually any size cabin possible
  • Typical sound insulation performance: RW38dB
  • Every vocal isolation booth is checked and assembled before leaving our plant
  • Full manufacturer’s support and warranty

Optional extras:

  • Additional windows
  • CCTV
  • Noise limiting devices
  • Control room and live room set-ups
  • Fire alarm capable
  • Air conditioning interface possible
  • Installation service available
  • Finance available to commercial and educational customers

STUDIOBRICKS Sound-isolation Cabin - Introduction Video:

Barking Abbey School
In pursuit of their musical mission, Barking Abbey School turned to Black Cat Music & Acoustics, who installed three STUDIOBRICKS vocal isolation booths and a recording studio as the main features of a brand new music suite, last month.

Head of Music, Mr Dorrington, has commented: “In the music department we can really see the difference that the music facilities are making to the students and their grades. The soundproof pods are a massive bonus for the department. We now have instrumental lessons in all three pods at the same time. Students come in and practice regularly.”

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Lancaster and Morecambe College
Lancaster and Morecambe College discovered that by installing three STUDIOBRICKS vocal booths, the college not only made more effective use of available space, but also reached out to support musicians in the local community.

“The Music Practice Rooms have changed the whole nature of the course, because they are so sound-proofed. Before we had a big echoing lecture theatre; now we have three contained spaces. The students love them and yes, they work very effectively.”

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Hollington Youth Centre, East Sussex
Youth Development Worker, James Brill was delighted with the effectiveness of the two new STUDIOBRICKS booths that were recently installed at Hollington Youth Centre, East Sussex.

“We offer young people the chance to engage in music and have been running sessions before the STUDIOBRICKS were installed. My main concern was noise pollution and complaints from the neighbours and community.” James continued, “Now we have absolutely no problems with the sound. The sound-proofing is absolutely second to none – fantastic.”

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