Hollington Youth Centre, East Sussex

Supply and installation of modular, relocatable, sound-isolating music practice rooms from MusicPracticeRooms.com

  • Constructed of modular, 100mm thick, acoustically sealed panels secured with full length ‘C’ or ‘L’ clip fixings
  • Powder coated panel finish; light grey outer/ satin white inner
  • Ceiling panels secured using an interlocking tongue and groove joint arrangement
  • Door with ¾ length window for visibility and an internal lock override for safety
  • Acoustically glazed windows between rooms to create sound recording studio conditions

Youth Development Worker, James Brill was delighted with the effectiveness of the two new Music Practice Rooms that were recently installed at Hollington Youth Centre, East Sussex.  “We offer young people the chance to engage in music and have been running sessions before the Music Practice Rooms were installed.  My main concern was noise pollution and complaints from the neighbours and community.”  James continued, “Now we have absolutely no problems with the sound.  The sound-proofing is absolutely second to none – fantastic.”

The courses are run by music charity Rhythmix.  Project Coordinator Sam Halligan explained: “We used to have just one band practising in this space, but now we have three.  One in each of these two ‘pods’ and one outside.”

James Brill was impressed by the smooth installation: “The parts turned up on a lorry and were assembled within three days.  The level of professional build quality is so good; they are incredibly sturdy.” he said.  “The customer support is absolutely exceptional.  Without a doubt I would recommend MusicPracticeRooms.com to other people.”

To watch the video of this interview go to youtube.com/musicpracticerooms