Black Cat Acoustics provides a range of acoustic solutions for businesses, including the unique and revolutionary Studiobricks Office Solutions customisable, sound-isolating office booths.

Studiobricks Office Solutions booths offer users unique sound-isolating properties at an average of 45dB, with flexible sizing options to give your staff customisable features including:

  • Footprints from 1.2m2 to 50m2 (4ft2 to 538ft2) with quick assembly/disassembly and castors to give you the flexibility to set up and move the booth as you need
  • Market-leading two-way sound isolation using double walls, pressure-sealed door handles, acoustic glass, soundproof ventilation and floating floors
  • Sound isolation for comfortable silence when working at high concentration levels
  • Privacy for phone calls, video conferences, meetings and presentations
  • Total protection from disturbance when having conversations with colleagues

The Studiobricks Office Solutions offer full fire protection due to their flame retardant inner and outer panels, and thanks to the patented modular system, you can customise your booths to have as many windows and doors as you would like to suit your requirements.

They’re also constructed from 55% recycled materials, 100% VOC-free, water-based paint, and recycled PET acoustic absorbers with high absorption capabilities treating the most common office frequencies (400-3000Hz).

Studiobricks Office Solutions are available in all RAL colours (, with flexible fabric options for seating, and the patented modular system means installation is fast and efficient with minimal disruption.

Who are Studiobricks Office Solutions for?

The flexible solutions can be installed and used in a wide range of situations, and are ideal for use as:

  • General offices
  • Collaborative and shared workplaces
  • Private phone booths
  • Sound editing booths
  • Podcasting and broadcasting booths

Find out more about the revolutionary Studiobricks Office Solutions. Call Black Cat Acoustics today on 01892 619719.

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