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Below is a glossary of the terms we use and the acoustic solutions that we offer, with technical information and downloads where applicable. If you have any questions at all regarding any of the acoustic solutions listed below, or if you can't find what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us - we are happy to help.

Acoustic Windows

Principally for internal applications on new build projects, but units can also be used as secondary glazing to improve the performance of existing windows. Designed for the education, recording and broadcast markets, for installation in music practice rooms, studios and control rooms. The units can be used for any internal applications demanding high levels of sound transmission loss.

Acoustic Curtains

A range of flame retardant curtain fabrics that can be used with a variety of track systems, dependent upon duty, for use in any space where the flexibility of a non- permanent arrangement is required. The curtains can be used in a variety of situations, including conventional arrangements over windows. They can equally be used as part of a system to acoustically tune a space, such as a music rehearsal room, where they may be positioned to either cover or expose wall-mounted sound diffusers, dependent on whether an acoustically ‘live’ or ‘dry’ response is preferred.

Ceiling Absorbers

Fabric covered sound absorbent treatment, designed as simple decorative ceiling panels that can be mechanically secured or bonded in position to provide sound absorption. They are an extremely effective and economic alternative to complete suspended acoustic ceilings and can be installed to create a feature within the treated space, enhancing the interior design, or to blend into the background.

Absorbers are typically used to reduce reverberant noise levels in buildings such as schools, sports and community halls, conference facilities and many other wide and varied applications throughout commerce and industry.

Diva Full-Stage Shell from Wenger

Ideal for large theatres, concert halls and auditoria.

The Diva full-stage acoustic shell gives a stunning backdrop which is audibly magnificent. Its mobile architecture gives you the appearance of a beautiful, permanent wall in a smart system that's extremely mobile and compact for tight storage. From its elegant design to its remarkable impact on acoustics, Diva takes sound artistry to a new level of excellence. It is, without doubt, the most advanced full-stage acoustic shell of its kind.

Manufactured by Wenger, Diva’s composite-panel construction provides superior acoustic performance and offers custom aesthetics at a lower cost. Engineered and built to the highest possible standard, the all-aluminium frame provides exclusive advantages, including longer-lasting rigidity and easy operation. The Diva Air Transporter allows one person to move Diva towers on a cushion of air. The benefits go on and on, like Diva itself.

  • Modular design for ensembles to full orchestras
  • Ideal for medium and large theatres, particularly those requiring high-end aesthetic coordination
  • Rich full-stage acoustics for improved sound projection
  • Safe, fast and easy set-up with a small crew and Air Transporter (exclusive to the Diva)
  • Built-in levelling pads
  • Tower and ceiling panel framework constructed of aluminium
  • Overhead panels raise and lower with theatre's rigging and can be flown in fly tower when not in use

Dry Wall Constructions

An isolated wall system designed to improve transmission loss between spaces, where the construction of a separate wall or inner room is impractical. Often used in conjunction with floor and ceiling treatments to provide a fully integrated acoustic design.

Forte Full-Stage Shell from Wenger

Ideal for small-to-medium size professional theatres, concert halls and auditoria

The Forte Acoustic Shell provides fast, simple and safe set-up or reconfiguration for everyday use – no tools required. An alternative to large full-stage acoustic shell systems or portable acoustic shells, Forte is ideal for full-stage acoustics in small-to-medium size performance spaces including auditoria and theatre venues.

Wenger pioneered acoustical shell design and the Forte Acoustic Shell delivers incredible acoustics to both the ensemble and the audience. The Forte Acoustic Shell consists of side towers, rear towers and a ceiling structure to create an effective enclosure that reflects and diffuses sound. The result - musicians hear more accurately, conductors hear a truer mix of sounds and the audience experiences an outstanding acoustical effect throughout the audience house.

  • Can be re-configured on stage (in depth only if ceiling panels are used)
  • Self contained on-stage transport method with braking mechanism
  • 2.5cm thick, honeycomb core panel
  • Non-marking castors
  • Variety of laminated finishes available
  • Towers nest together when not in use to save valuable
    floor space
  • Optional Access Door -allows movement of instruments and performers on and off stage without having to move a tower
  • Lighting option also available

Impact-Resistant Absorbers

A steel-faced sound absorbing panel system, equally suitable for installation as individual units, or as continuous panel runs to cover larger surface areas. Designed primarily for use in sports or multi-purpose community halls, where the combination of excellent sound absorption and a robust standard of construction is desirable, in order to minimise the risk of damage through light impact.

It Is Difficult To Understand Conversations When There Are Multiple Groups Of People In The Room

Where there are different conversations going on, or in a classroom where students have difficulty understanding the teacher, concentration can decline and people become more stressed. In these situations ‘absorptive’ products should provide the solution.

We sometimes use Ceiling Absorbers or Wall Absorbers to solve this kind if acoustic problem.

Legacy Portable Shells from Wenger

Ideal for small auditoria, sports halls, canteens/refectories and recital halls

The latest Wenger technology gives you three attractive, effective acoustic shell options to fit your application and budget.  The Legacy system can be set up quickly and easily – by just one person. Its mobility allows you to acoustically transform almost any space within a facility into a performance venue. The honeycomb core panel construction delivers enhanced acoustics to both the ensemble and the audience. When the performance is over, Legacy acoustic shells take down in no time and nest together compactly.

Our Room/Classroom/Hall Echoes

Acoustic echoes are typically due to reflective surfaces such as hard walls and ceilings. This is especially prevalent in old buildings, where acoustics were not given much consideration at the time when they were built.

The solution is to install ‘absorptive’ products and systems to provide a balanced environment. We sometimes use Ceiling Absorbers or Wall Absorbers to solve this kind if acoustic problem.

Secondary Wall Structures

An isolated wall system designed to improve transmission loss between spaces, where the construction of a separate wall or inner room is impractical. Often used in conjunction with floor and ceiling treatments to provide a fully integrated acoustic design.

Sound Isolating Music Practice Rooms

Superb acoustic performance at an affordable price.

Black Cat Music supplies and installs sound isolating practice rooms from These acoustic booths enable musicians to rehearse in controlled conditions that limit noise escape to adjacent areas. Built on a modular design, the practice rooms can be adjusted to fit the space available.

The modular, relocatable design provides a wide variety of sizes to accommodate a solo player or a practising ensemble, choir or band.

The modules are ideally suited for schools, universities, music colleges and recording studios, and can equally be adapted for the home – providing a controlled and contained practice environment.

Our Music Practice Rooms from offer the following benefits:

  • An affordable, flexible solution – without compromising on acoustics
  • Modular design of the rooms means they are relocatable and flexible in size
  • Quick and easy, no-fuss installation
  • The 100mm thick wall and ceiling panels are acoustically sealed, minimising noise escape
  • Balanced interior acoustics ensure high sound quality
  • Door leaf has a ¾ length window for visibility and an internal lock override for safety
  • Integral lighting and fan-assisted ventilation create a pleasant room environment
  • Acoustically engineered windows available for control room purposes, observation, security or for natural light

The Noise Seems To Be Coming From The Pipe Work In The Room

If the problem noise appears to come from locations such as ducting, pipe work, conduit or similar building services structures and these items are ‘live’ or vibrate when touched, then it is most likely a ‘structure-borne’ noise issue.

The solution can be dealt with at source, or the ‘problem services’ acoustically enclosed within the room area in question. We sometimes use secondary wall structures to solve this noise problem.

Travelmaster Portable Shells from Wenger

Travelmaster lets you take consistent acoustics with you wherever you go. The smartly designed system folds compactly for storage and travel and is extremely lightweight and easy to handle.

Wall Absorbers

A high specification sound absorbing panel system that can be installed as a continuous treatment, a covering part or to create complete wall areas.

Wall absorber acoustic panels are typically used to reduce reverberant noise levels in buildings such as schools, broadcasting and recording studios, sports and community halls, conference facilities, with many other wide and varied applications throughout commerce and industry.

We Are Experiencing Noise Problems From The Next Room/Classroom/Corridor

Where the problems are due to noise transfer from one area to another - room to room or floor to floor - then ‘sound insulation’ is likely to be the issue.

This can be solved by installing high mass barrier structures. This problem could also be as a consequence of impact noise migrating from one area to another via floors, walls or services known as structure-borne noise transfer. Isolation measures at source, such as our sound-isolating, modular rooms, would be a starting point for providing an effective solution.

We Can Overhear Conversations At The Other End Of Large Room Areas

When several activities are taking place in one large room (such as a community hall or school hall), or in a large restaurant where several groups are trying to hold a conversation, poor acoustics can make communication difficult.

The use of ‘absorptive’ products should provide a solution to improving privacy of conversations.

We sometimes use Ceiling Absorbers or Wall Absorbers to solve this kind if acoustic problem.

We Want To Contain Noise From Our Music Room To Prevent Disturbing People In Nearby Rooms

If a noise source needs to be acoustically ‘contained,’ or noise stopped from entering or exiting an area via windows or doors, then ‘sound insulation’ will be the issue and high mass structures the solution. Self-contained music practice rooms are an excellent solution.

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